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Yujin Kawase

Founder & Creative Director

Yujin is passionate about using design as a catalyst for transformational change.

He studied UX, product design, and sociology, allowing an interconnected understanding of how humans are affected by design, and vice versa.

He has worked in agencies, corporations, and as a small brand owner over the last 15 years. These disparate roles allows him to understand the variables, challenges, and solutions necessary to achieve goals.

DELIGN is here to help small brands use emotive design and impactful branding to open new .  


Residences include Tokyo, Frankfurt, NYC, SF, and now, Austin. Immersion in these different cultures helps him understand and navigate complex systems.  


  • Academy of Art / Industrial Design / San Francisco

  • Interaction Design Foundation / UX Design / Denmark

  • Vassar College / Sociology / New York


  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Brooklyn, United States

  • Boston, United States

  • San Francisco, United States

  • Austin, United States 

We elevate  

through emotive design and impactful branding.

Captivate with Emotive Storytelling


Harmonious Content and Editing 

Engaging writing for visual stories

Harmonious Content and Editing 

Engaging writing for visual stories

Mountain Ridge


Mountain Ridge

Emotive Design and Impactful Branding

Captivate with Emotive Storytelling




We created a web shop for a premium cycling brand from SF, CA.

Data-driven design allows the site to sell at more than twice industry standards. 

Particular attention was paid

to visual storytelling and user journey through checkout.

The brand is sold in over 14 countries and frequently seen alongside the largest bike brands in the world.

Kinetic ATX

We fully redesigned an Austin-based wellness therapist's site to update the presentation and add booking services.

Empathic colors, gentle shapes, and dynamic motion conveys physical mobility and health.

We sourced inclusive content: people of color, varied ages, and genders to signal business values.   


Kinetic ATX is a thriving business still receiving ongoing support from Delign. 

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